A Brief Summary

Agroangeal is a digital agro company that create an online content and off-line programmes for farmers to maximize profit and minimize marketing cost by 85%. An exciting new company that meets an insatiated need of farmers for quality services. Agroangeal is a start-up for farmers, restaurants, individual and multinational consumers. We are located in Abuja FCT Nigeria. Our objectives are to develop a product/Services-based company whose goal is to exceed customer's expectations, increase production and supply efficiency by 20% a year, and develop a sustainable online farmer's market business, able to survive off their cash flow.

Agroangeal will sell and connect farmers to buyers locally and internationally. The company is powered by an AGRO INTERLINK SYSTEM(AIS WEB PORTAL), a customer user interface. These, include but not limited to: Agro farmers market portal, Agro interlink center (mobile and web), Agro interswitch (financial sytem), Agro interlink project, Agro interlink control center and Agricultural Knowledge Bank, and e-logistic system.

Buy, Sell, Register as a Farmer, Bulk Purchase, E-logistics - AGRO INTERLINK SYSTEM