Our Commitment
Sustainable Development Goals

Economic upliftment for smallholder farmers.

Building an inclusive economic growth in Africa. Agroangeal Limited through its strategic process provides access to products and services to help smallholder farmer achieve global food security for a growing population sustainability. So many farmers who produce food in Nigeria are living in poverty due to their inability and Inaccessibility to modern and competitive market. Most cases farmers finished harvest before looking for market or buyers.We create a modern online competitive market, in other to reduce food wastage and improve smallholder farmer’s productivity and reduce marketing cost by 85%.

Improving the Sustainability of Agricultural Production and Services;

Agroangeal is contributing to the reduction of the high level of food wastages in Nigeria. Through our Agricultural Knowledge Bank, and market demand driven data, we provide tips on agribusiness and connectivity for farmers to reduce the high financial risks and low retunes during and after farming seasons.

Strengthen the productivity capacity of women.

Given logistical constrains, geographical cortex and, the limited availability of resources such as farm land is a mammoth task for local farmers particularly the female farmers who are cover 60% labor work force in the agricultural production in Nigeria are often left out of the traditional extension system because of gender barriers. Under Agroangeal platform this barriers are destroy as we bridge the gap for them and balance the equation.

Enhancing and advancing full productivity and sustainability through strong leadership and to finance.

Together with our partners we shall help smallholder farmers by providing tools, and access to online competitive market and training that will make agriculture more productive, efficient and profitable. We shall help restore and maintain vibrant youth confidence in agriculture production with the help of our Agriculture knowledge bank.

Reduction effect in CO2 in the transportation sector through urban agriculture.

Population concentration in cities is contributing to the speed of global warming through encroachment on natural environments and the excessive use of energy.

Research has shown that urban centers in emerging markets are booming by 2025, 60% of the world's new urban consumers will live in the emerging 440 cities.

While there has been much focus on urban buildings, water, and power, relatively little attention has been given to food, including market infrastructure linking domestic and regional urban consumers with producers (farmers).Agroangeal is aggressively promoting urban agriculture and from our research and analysis,with just 15 selected crops cultivated in 108 acres in kuje area council farm site of the FCT Abuja,CO2emissions in the transportation sector could be reduced by an estimated 289,334.40 tons per year.